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You will be best guided, we are always ready to serve you the best solution for your problems. is run by a team of experienced professionals from different fields and it is also supported and guided by experienced bureaucrats and policy makers. A dedicated team is ready to evaluate each issue assigned to us, and by evaluating the issue, we find out the ways to resolve the issue, so as to see how the best can be generated with optimum output to the client.
As the Indian economy is growing at good pace, there are certain issues which requires attention and which always remain hidden and unattended, but, as a matter of fact, such issues, if organised under a separate roof, can minimise the cost as well as energy of an entity/individual.
The issues in which we are dealing are basically the roadblocks… Read More


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OutOffBox has an assiduous team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals. We are efficient in providing simpler yet effective solutions for every kind of problem that become a barrier to your progress and success. We offer Real Estate Solutions, Corporate Road Blocks Solutions, Solutions for Govt. Related Restrictions, Litigation Solutions etc.

Real Estate Solutions

We provide the best way to you to sort out a real estate issues in such a manner that you will be able to resolve the issue without litigation and at the same time…

Corporate Road

If you are a company, incorporated and into a business, if you are stuck and having issues which is related to sanctions/control/ competition/licensing/approvals etc…

Solution Of Govt.
Related Restrictions

As in India there are many self-created restrictions by government departments and by taking shelter of such rules and regulations, department create restrictions…



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Our expert team comes out with unique solutions. They strategize the problem in a manner that the solution provided give the best outcome to the client.


Expert Team

We are an amalgamation of professionals who belong to different fields, backed by experienced bureaucrats and policymakers. We dedicatedly evaluate and offer solutions for each case assigned to us.


Customized Solutions

Our organization doesn’t follow any standard method of solving problems. We offer solutions as per the case requirements as well as the clients before coming to a conclusion.

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Easy to Follow Procedure


  • Send your issues with complete details of the issue and with relevant copies of documents.
  • Our Team will evaluate the document provided by you and clarify the matter by asking a query, if anything is required.
  • After scrutinizing as per step-B, we will provide you with alternative ways to handle the issue, together with the time limit.
  • If you are satisfied and agreed to the alternative ways, then we will proceed with the proper documentation.
  • After completing the documentation process, we will proceed with the issue and start giving our Expert services in the matter/issue in hand. This will include a proper Agreement between Outoffbox and the client, in which the scope of work and consent over the cost and expenses as duly agreed between the parties are finalised.
  • We conclude the issue as per the prescribed procedure and by giving the agreed outcome, thereby the issue is resolved as per the terms of the Agreement. The client will disburse the fees as per the Agreement.