Area Of Practice


We provide the best way to you to sort out a real estate issues in such a manner that you will be able to resolve the issue without litigation and at the same time, if you are already stuck into litigation, with regard to a property, then we provide you the solutions to resolve the matter out of court, of course in a outoffbox manner. Our expert and experienced team has already handled and resolved many issues with twenty years of pendency in the courts.


If you are a company, incorporated and into a business, if you are stuck and having issues which is related to sanctions/control/competition/licensing/ approvals etc., then our team can provide you the best possible solutions, in fact, the solutions, which your team cannot even insight. We provide you the best possible outcome to overcome corporate road blocks in a way that you can concentrate more into the business and less on such roadblocks.


As in India there are many self-created restrictions by government departments and by taking shelter of such rules and regulations, department create restrictions in regular functioning of a project. We at crack the government rules and regulations, by following the procedure in a proper manner, which is handled by a team of professionals, having expertise in their areas of dealing with government documents in a simpler and smooth manner. Being in the procedure from past more than 20 years, the team is having enough exposure in processing government rules, giving you freedom from government restrictions, so that you can concentrate more towards generating your business and your restrictions be resolved by us.


a. As a unit of outoffbox, we provide solutions in the form of litigation relief. In this we provide unique solutions to sort out the litigations in a manner which will give the best out come to the client. It includes handling of litigation on behalf of client in which we provide the gateways available with a given scenario of a particular case, which may also include getting favourable orders.

b. When business grows substantially, disputes are inevitable and increasing in nature. Therefore, outoffbox is providing services relating to outsourcing all your litigation, under one roof. The team here, will take care of commencing or defending the litigation involved with the company, as per the requirement and getting solutions, with the intent of having time and focusing on further growth of organisation.


As widely growing economy, there is always the risk of competitors entering into the market and riding a piggy back on the goodwill and name of the company. Therefore, to get rid of any such circumstances, outoffbox shall be taking over for the removal of such infringement or contravention in the market, in order to maintain the reputation of the company, thus contributing to its growth.
In this we provide sufficient resources to handle the competition in a manner that competition can be minimised by suppressing the competitors with effective procedures and policies.
We can handle the individual/organisation becoming and oppositions in your operations. We manage oppositions by using every mode that can manage them upto the extent they will not raise any further objection.


Outoffbox shall be taking over this segment in such a way that dispute gets resolved or dissolved in an amicable manner so that the client does not suffer in any situation. An expertise team is delegated to resolve the purpose of the client, thereby making it easier for the client for the solution.


This involves the issues relating to shoot out the problematic issues that arise during the course of business, in this our team will assess the possibilities of different solutions to mitigate the current problematic issue in the best possible manner. Outoffbox will be providing simpler solutions in such a manner that the problem gets suppressed with a solution, thereby clearing all the stepping stones and leading to growth of the organisation. We can provide solutions in customised way.


In this we provide services for handling authorities in a way the restriction and objections raised by them, in any matter can be cleared. This can be done by giving the authorities proper explanations and guidance. Outoffbox comprises of team of professionals, wherein the team is having enough exposure and experience of the procedure followed in public authorities, thereby making the procedures less time consuming and more effective which ultimately help our client in solving the issues.


As one segment of the outoffbox is related with the services related to backlogs in this segment we provide services with regard to matters directly or indirectly related with the services rended during employment. In this we take the group issues for grievances/promotion/harassment of various classes of service sector. We as a team can sort out the issues by finding out the ways towards the solutions of the respective service related problems


In this our team will provide the setup services for business and professional. As setting up a business in India requires lots of challenges on the part of govt. procedures, therefore as a team, we can guide you for framing a setup in such a way that the procedures can be simplified by managing the govt. authorities in a way the procedure involved becomes less TDS and can be overcome by providing sufficient relevant documents. Our aim is to provide (a) A smooth hassle-free procedure for various govt. related sanctions/approvals/ setup service.