About us
About us

Helioway Heshun Precision Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in Xintang Town, Zengcheng City in December 2004. It is a professional precision hardware stamping company. Since its establishment, it has been focusing on connector terminals Precision mold design of shell Mold making And stamping production

Honesty and Pragmatism: The company faces customers and handles various affairs with an honest attitude and pragmatic style, and believes that only "honesty and pragmatism" can win the trust of customers and the steady growth of the company.
Co prosperity and coexistence: The company and its employees are a community of common destiny, sharing weal and woe, and growing together.
Reasonable profit: To maintain the growth of the company with reasonable profit, we can continue to give back customers with higher quality products and better service.
Social responsibility: An enterprise should not take profit as its sole purpose. The company cares about the place and gives back to the society in the spirit of taking it from the society and using it for the society.

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